Vol 21, No 6

A triplet of the only pulsation mode detected in the DAV star G132–12

Wen-Chao Su, Jian-Ning Fu, Jian-Xing Chen, Lester Fox-Machado, Shi-Jie Zhao, Carmen Ayala-Loera, Jiang-Tao Wang, Yang Pan


Abstract Hydrogen atmosphere pulsating white dwarfs, also known as DAV stars, are the most abundant type of pulsating white dwarfs. High-temperature DAV stars in general exhibit a small number of pulsation modes and stable frequencies. G132–12 is one of the pulsating hydrogen atmosphere white dwarf stars which lies close to the blue edge of the instability strip. Previous researches reported that G132–12 might have only one pulsation mode with the period of 212.69 s. To study the pulsation properties of G132–12 in detail, we carried out a bi-site observation campaign in October 2019. Time series photometric data were collected during around 154 h in total. A Fourier analysis reveals three frequencies which are identified as the triplet of a l = 1 g-mode pulsation with the period of 212.499 s. The rotational period is derived as Prot = 35.0±6.7 h and the inclination of the rotational axis to the line of sight is 70°. G132–12 could be an ideal target for measuring the cooling scale of this white dwarf star with only one excited pulsation mode detected.


Keywords white dwarfs — oscillations — photometric

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