Vol 21, No 6

Effects of solar radiation pressure on asteroid surface hopping transfers for high area/mass ratio rovers

Chuan-Jun Dong, Hong-Wei Yang, Shuang Li, Xue-Wen Liu


Abstract The high area/mass ratio hopping rovers have potential applications in future asteroid surface exploration. This paper systematically investigates the effects of solar radiation pressure (SRP) on ballistic surface hopping transfers for the asteroid 101955 Bennu. Effects of SRP on the traveled distance and the trajectory design of hopping transfers are analyzed and summarized. The simulation results indicate that it is necessary to take SRP into account to ensure the success of hopping transfers and the proper use of SRP can help design the trajectories of hopping transfers with low initial impulses and short transfer times. It also reveals the potential possibility in using SRP to control the post-hopping transfers with specific control policies in the future surface exploration of asteroids.


Keywords asteroid — hopping — solar radiation pressure — dynamics — trajectory

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