Vol 21, No 5

Physical and orbital properties of the stellar system HIP 43766

Hatem Widyan, Hussam Aljboor


Abstract In this paper, we present the analysis of the stellar binary system HIP 43766 to determine its properties. We rely on dynamical modeling and atmospheric modeling with recent data to determine the orbital solution and the physical properties of the system. There is a consistency between observed and synthetic photometry obtained using atmospheric modeling. The calculated dynamical mass sum of the system ranged between 1.691 and 2.609 solar masses, while it ranges between 2.0 and 2.1 as estimated utilizing atmospheric modeling. This could be due to inaccuracy in estimating the orbit, which could be modified with future observations with more relative positional measurements. The parameters of the system and the position of the components on the evolutionary tracks show that the system consists of F5 and G5 subgiant stars, mostly formed by fragmentation. A dynamical mass sum is predicted for the system.


Keywords stars: binaries: close — stars: binaries: visual — stars: individual: HIP 43766

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