Vol 21, No 5

The first photometric analysis and period investigation of the K-type W UMa type binary system V0842 Cep

Yu-Yang Li, Kai Li, Yuan Liu


Abstract V0842 Cep is a W UMa-type binary star that has been neglected since its discovery. We analysed the \(V R_cI_c\) light curves, obtained by the 1 m telescope at Weihai Observatory of Shandong University, using the Wilson-Devinney code. V0842 Cep was found to be a shallow contact binary system (\(f=8.7\%\)) with a mass ratio of 2.281. Because its orbital inclination is greater than 80\(^{\circ}\), the photometric results are reliable. A period study is included which reveals a continually decreasing orbital period (\(\frac{dp}{dt} =1.50(\pm0.42)\times10^{−7}\rm d yr^{−1}\)). This trend could be attributed to the angular momentum loss via stellar wind.


Keywords stars: binaries: close — stars: binaries: eclipsing — stars: individual (V0842 Cep)

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