Vol 21, No 5

Search for variable stars in the open cluster NGC 1245

Dong-Xiang Shen, Yu Zhang, Chun-Yan Li, Xiang-Yun Zeng, Guo-Liang lv, Chun-Hua Zhu, Qing-Shun Hu, Jin-Zhong Liu


Abstract We used the Nanshan 1m telescope of Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory to investigate variable stars in the region of NGC 1245. We detected 55 variable stars in the field of view, 42 of them are newly discovered: six binaries, 22 pulsating stars, 14 unclassified variables. We discussed the physical properties and classifications of the variable stars through their light curves. The cross-matching with the members catalog of NGC 1245 suggests that 10 variable stars are identified as probable cluster members, which including one EW type binary, eight δ Scuti stars, and an unknown type variable star. Since the difference of the members catalog of the cluster and the limitations of the instrument, there are some huge differences in the variable list of NGC 1245 compared with the previous work.


Keywords open clusters and associations: individual (NGC 1245) — stars: variables: general — stars: variables: delta Scuti — binaries: eclipsing

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