Vol 21, No 4

Fine-grained distributed averaging for large-scale radio interferometric measurement sets

Shou-Lin Wei, Kai-Da Luo, Feng Wang, Hui Deng, Ying Mei


Abstract The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) would be the world’s largest radio telescope with eventually over a square kilometre of collecting area. However, there are enormous challenges in its data processing. The use of modern distributed computing techniques to solve the problem of massive data processing in the SKA is one of the most important challenges. In this study, basing on the Dask distribution computational framework, and taking the visibility function integral processing as an example, we adopt a multi-level parallelism method to implement distributed averaging over time and channel. Dask Array was used to implement super large matrix or arrays with supported parallelism. To maximize the usage of memory, we further exploit the data parallelism provided by Dask that intelligently distributes the computational load across a network of computer agents and has a built-in fault tolerance mechanism. The validity of the proposed pattern was also verified by using the Common Astronomy Software Application (CASA), wherein we analyze the smearing effects on images reconstructed from different resolution visibilities.


Keywords techniques: interferometric — methods: data analysis — methods: numerical — instrumentation: interferometers

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