Vol 21, No 4

Design of the cryogenic system of the wideband phased array feed for QTT

Jun Ma, Yang Wu, Xiao Song, Sheng-Pu Niu, Kai Wang


Abstract Phased array feeds (PAFs), which illuminate the dish with digitally synthesized beams instead of separated horns, provide the capability for wider and continuous field-of-view surveys. As a promising technology for next generation radio telescopes, PAFs will provide the Qi Tai Telescope (QTT), which will be next world-class fully steerable radio telescope, an opportunity of reaching several cutting-edge science goals. This paper presents a brief introduction of the wideband PAF for QTT, and the detailed design and simulation of the cryogenic system. Based on this design, a scaled prototype of the spherical vacuum window, which is the key part of the cryogenic system, has been built and the performance is verified.


Keywords Phased Array Feed — Vacuum window — Cryo — telescope

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