Vol 21, No 4

A catalogue of 74 new open clusters found in Gaia Data-Release 2

Zhi-Hong He, Ye Xu, Chao-Jie Hao, Zhen-Yu Wu, Jing-Jing Li


Abstract Based on astrometric data from Gaia Data-Release 2 (DR2), we employ an unsupervised machine learning method to blindly search for open star clusters in the Milky Way within the Galactic latitude range of \(|b| < 20^{\circ}\). In addition to 2080 known clusters, 74 new open cluster candidates are found. In this work, we present the positions, apparent radii, parallaxes, proper motions and member stars of these candidates. Meanwhile, to obtain the physical parameters of each candidate cluster, stellar isochrones are fit to the photometric data. The results show that the apparent radii and the observed proper motion dispersions of these new candidates are consistent with those of open clusters previously identified in Gaia DR2.


Keywords Galaxy: open clusters and associations — methods: data analysis — surveys

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