Vol 21, No 4

Variations of helioseismic parameters due to magnetic field generated by a flux transport model

Shao-Lan Bi, Tan-Da Li, Kang Liu, Jie Jiang, Ya-Guang Li, Jing-Hua Zhang, Xian-Fei Zhang, Ya-Qian Wu


Abstract The change of sound speed has been found at the base of the convection during the solar cycles, which can be used to constrain the solar internal magnetic field. We aim to check whether the magnetic field generated by the solar dynamo can lead to the cyclic variation of the sound speed detected through helioseismology. The basic configuration of magnetic field in the solar interior was obtained by using a Babcock-Leighton (BL) type flux transport dynamo. We reconstructed one-dimensional solar models by assimilating magnetic field generated by an established dynamo and examined their influences on the structural variables. The results show that magnetic field generated by the dynamo is able to cause noticeable change of the sound speed profile at the base of the convective zone during a solar cycle. Detailed features of this theoretical prediction are also similar to those of the helioseismic results in solar cycle 23 by adjusting the free parameters of the dynamo model.


Keywords Sun: oscillations — Sun: activity — Sun: interior

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