Vol 21, No 3

On the torque exerted by a warped, magnetically threaded accretion disk

Chang Liu, Xiang-Dong Li


Abstract Most astrophysical accretion disks are likely to be warped. In X-ray binaries, the spin evolution of an accreting neutron star is critically dependent on the interaction between the neutron star magnetic field and the accretion disk. There have been extensive investigations on the accretion torque exerted by a coplanar disk that is magnetically threaded by the magnetic field lines from the neutron stars, but relevant works on warped/tilted accretion disks are still lacking. In this paper we develop a simplified two-component model, in which the disk is comprised of an inner coplanar part and an outer, tilted part. Based on standard assumption on the formation and evolution of the toroidal magnetic field component, we derive the dimensionless torque and show that a warped/titled disk is more likely to spin up the neutron star compared with a coplanar disk. We also discuss the possible influence of various initial parameters on the torque.


Keywords accretion — accretion disks — magnetic field — X-ray binaries

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