Vol 21, No 3

Possible properties of TeV spectra in PKS 2155–304

Quan-Gui Gao, Fang-Wu Lu, Long-Hua Qin, Huai-Zhen Li, Ju Ma, Ji-Yang Ren, Hai-Ru Zhao, Ting-Feng Yi


Abstract We present a one-zone homogeneous lepton-hadronic model and obtain steady-state spectra by solving the time-dependent equations to study a plausible origin of hard TeV spectra in PKS 2155–304. In this model, we assume a steady electron and proton injection rate in the source and solve the non-linear time-dependent kinematic equations that self-consistently consist of proton-photon interaction, synchrotron radiation of electron/positron pairs and proton, inverse Compton scattering, and synchrotron self-absorption. We employ this model to reproduce the multi-wavelength spectrum of PKS 2155–304, then find that the possible bump located at E ∼ 1 TeV which may originate from the synchrotron radiation of secondary electrons produced by Bethe-Heitler pair production, resulting in the hard TeV spectrum.


Keywords radiation mechanisms: non-thermal — BL Lacertae objects: individual (PKS 2155–304) — gamma rays: galaxies

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