Vol 21, No 11

A more accurate Parameterization based on cosmic Age (MAPAge)

Lu Huang, Zhi-Qi Huang, Zhuo-Yang Li, Huan Zhou


Abstract Recently, several statistically significant tensions between different cosmological datasets have raised doubts about the standard Lambda cold dark matter (ΛCDM) model. A recent letter (Huang 2020) suggests to use “Parameterization based on cosmic Age” (PAge) to approximate a broad class of beyondΛCDM models, with a typical accuracy ∼ 1% in angular diameter distances at \(z \lesssim10\). In this work, we extend PAge to a More Accurate Parameterization based on cosmic Age (MAPAge) by adding a new degree of freedom \(\eta_2\). The parameter \(\eta_2\) describes the difference between physically motivated models and their phenomenological PAge approximations. The accuracy of MAPAge, typically of order 10−3 in angular diameter distances at at \(z \lesssim10\), is significantly better than PAge. We compare PAge and MAPAge with current observational data and forecast data. The conjecture in Huang (2020), that PAge approximation is sufficiently good for current observations, is quantitatively confirmed in this work. We also show that the extension from PAge to MAPAge is important for future observations, which typically require sub-percent accuracy in theoretical predictions.


Keywords cosmology — cosmological parameters — observations

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