Vol 21, No 11

Chemical abundances of three new Ba stars from the Keck/HIRES spectra

Shuai Liu, Liang Wang, Jian-Rong Shi, Zhen-Yu Wu, Hong-Liang Yan, Qi Gao, Chun-Qian Li


Abstract Based on high resolution, high signal-to-noise (S/N) ratio spectra from Keck/HIRES, we have determined abundances of 20 elements for 18 Ba candidates. The parameter space of these stars is in the range of 4880 ≤ Teff ≤ 6050 K, 2.56 ≤ log g ≤ 4.53 dex and −0.27 ≤ [Fe/H] ≤ 0.09 dex. It is found that four of them can be identified as Ba stars with [s/Fe] > 0.25 dex (s: Sr, Y, Zr, Ba, La, Ce and Nd), and three of them are newly discovered, which include two Ba giants (HD 16178 and HD 22233) and one Ba subgiant (HD 2946). Our results show that the abundances of α, odd and iron-peak elements (O, Na, Mg, Al, Si, Ca, Sc, Ti, Mn, Ni and Cu) for our program stars are similar to those of the thin disk, while the distribution of [hs/ls] (hs: Ba, La, Ce and Nd, ls: Sr, Y and Zr) ratios of our Ba stars is similar to those of the known Ba objects. None of the four Ba stars show clear enhancement in carbon including the known CH subgiant HD 4395. It is found that three of the Ba stars present clear evidence of hosting stellar or sub-stellar companions from the radial velocity data


Keywords Galaxy — Ba stars — Chemical abundances — Binary

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