Vol 21, No 11

Simulation analysis of a method to improve data-transmission performance of Nanshan 26 m Radio Telescope based on Software-Defined Networks

Jie Wang, Hai-Long Zhang, Na Wang, Xin-Chen Ye, Wan-Qiong Wang, Jia Li, Meng Zhang, Ya-Zhou Zhang


Abstract Data Center of Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory (XAO-DC) commenced operating in 2015, and provides services including archiving, releasing and retrieving precious astronomical data collected by the Nanshan 26 m Radio Telescope (NSRT) over the years, and realises the open sharing of astronomical observation data. The observation data from NSRT are transmitted to XAO-DC 100 km away through dedicated fiber for long-term storage. With the continuous increase of data, the static architecture of the current network cannot meet NSRT data-transmission requirements due to limited network bandwidth. To get high-speed data-transmission using the existing static network architecture, a method for reconstruction data-transmission network using Software-Defined Networks (SDN) is proposed. Benefit from the SDN’s data and control plane separation, and open programmable, combined with the Mininet simulation platform for experiments, the TCP throughput (of single thread) was improved by ∼24.7%, the TCP throughput (of multi threads) was improved by ∼9.8%, ∼40.9%, ∼35.5% and ∼11.7%. Compared with the current network architecture, the Latency was reduced by ∼63.2%.


Keywords data transmission — observation data — data center — virtual machine

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