Vol 21, No 11

Multi-parameter identification of gratings measurement by Experimental Ray Tracing

Li-Si Chen, Zhong-Wen Hu, Hai-Jiao Jiang, Hui-Min Kang, Chen-Zhong Wang


Abstract A simple method for measuring grating groove density as well as its position and orientation is proposed based on the idea of ERT (Experimental Ray Tracing). Conventional methods only measure grating groove density with accuracy limited by its rotary stage and goniometer. The method proposed in the paper utilizes linear guides which could be calibrated to much higher accuracy. It is applicable to gratings of arbitrary surface profile or mosaic of a group of various gratings. Various measurement error sources are simulated by the Monte Carlo method and the results show high accuracy capability of grating parameters identification. A verification testing is performed. The accuracy dependency on main configuration parameters is evaluated. A method to expand measurement range by double wavelength is also discussed.


Keywords grating — groove density — position — orientation — measurement range

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