Vol 21, No 11

Does ADS 9346 have a low-mass companion?

Olga V. Kiyaeva, Maxim Yu. Khovritchev, Agrippina M. Kulikova, Natalya V. Narizhnaya, Tatyana A. Vasilyeva, Arina A. Apetyan


Abstract Based on the photographic and CCD observations of the relative motion of the A and B components of the binary system ADS 9346 obtained with the 26-inch refractor of Pulkovo Observatory during 1979–2019, we discover an invisible companion associated with star A. Comparison of the ephemerides with the positional and spectroscopic observations allowed us to calculate the preliminary orbit of the photocenter (P = 15 yr). The minimal mass of the companion is approximately 0.13 \(M_{\odot}\). The existence of the invisible low-mass companion is implied by the IR-excess based on IRAS data. To confirm this, additional observations of the radial velocity near the periastron need to be carried out.


Keywords (stars:) binaries: visual — stars: low-mass — stars: individual (ADS 9346)

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