Vol 21, No 11

Four New Eclipsing Binary Systems in the TESS field: CD-34 13220, HD 295082, TYC 6484–426–1 and TYC 6527–2310–1

Burak Ulas


Abstract We present the first evidence for the binarity of four targets in the TESS field. The temperatures are estimated by SED analysis and the orbital periods are determined. The TESS light curves of the systems are analyzed and the orbital and the absolute parameters are derived. The targets are also compared to wellstudied binary systems with the same morphological type and their evolutionary states are discussed. Our results indicate that the stars belong to the class of eclipsing detached binary systems.


Keywords binaries: eclipsing — stars: fundamental parameters — stars: individual: CD-34 13220, HD 295082, TYC 6484–426–1, TYC 6527–2310–1

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