Vol 21, No 10

New design of large fully-steerable radio telescope reflector based on homogenized mesh structure

Li-De Yan, Fei Zheng, Xi Rui


Abstract The self-weight of a large fully-steerable radio telescope is one of the important factors affecting its performance. In the existing reflector system scheme, the problem of surface accuracy caused by its large and heavy structure has seriously restricted the application and implementation of large radio telescopes. Therefore, a new mesh structure scheme for a large fully-steerable radio telescope reflector is proposed in this paper. This scheme is based on a homogenized mesh back-up structure in the form of a quasi-geodesic grid and regular quasi-tri-prism or tetrahedron, which can significantly reduce the structural complexity and self-weight of the reflector under the condition that the reflector can meet the desired performance requirements. Finally, the feasibility and rationality of the scheme are evaluated by numerical simulation analysis, which has significant advantages and provides a new design for the reflector of a large fullysteerable radio telescope.


Keywords telescopes — techniques: radar astronomy — methods: data analysis

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