Vol 21, No 10

Enhanced remote astronomical archive system based on the file-level Unlimited Sliding-Window technique

Cong-Ming Shi, Hui Deng, Feng Wang, Ying Mei, Shao-Guang Guo, Chen Yang, Chen Wu, Shou-Lin Wei, Andreas Wicenec


Abstract Data archiving is one of the most critical issues for modern astronomical observations. With the development of a new generation of radio telescopes, the transfer and archiving of massive remote data have become urgent problems to be solved. Herein, we present a practical and robust file-level flow-control approach, called the Unlimited Sliding-Window (USW), by referring to the classic flow-control method in the TCP protocol. Based on the USW and the Next Generation Archive System (NGAS) developed for the Murchison Widefield Array telescope, we further implemented an enhanced archive system (ENGAS) using ZeroMQ middleware. The ENGAS substantially improves the transfer performance and ensures the integrity of transferred files. In the tests, the ENGAS is approximately three to twelve times faster than the NGAS and can fully utilize the bandwidth of network links. Thus, for archiving radio observation data, the ENGAS reduces the communication time, improves the bandwidth utilization, and solves the remote synchronous archiving of data from observatories such as Mingantu spectral radioheliograph. It also provides a better reference for the future construction of the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) Science Regional Center.


Keywords remote data archive — NGAS — sliding window

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