Vol 21, No 10

Recurrent coronal jets observed by SDO/AIA

Yan-Jie Zhang, Qing-Min Zhang, Jun Dai, Zhe Xu, Hai-Sheng Ji


Abstract In this paper, we carried out multiwavelength observations of three recurring jets on 2014 November 7. The jets originated from the same region at the edge of AR 12205 and propagated along the same coronal loop. The eruptions were generated by magnetic reconnection, which is evidenced by continuous magnetic cancellation at the jet base. The projected initial velocity of jet2 is ∼402 km s−1 . The accelerations in the ascending and descending phases of jet2 are not consistent, the former is considerably larger than the value of g⊙ at the solar surface, while the latter is lower than g⊙. There are two possible candidates of extra forces acting on jet2 during its propagation. One is the downward gas pressure from jet1 when it falls back and meets with jet2. The other is the viscous drag from the surrounding plasma during the fast propagation of jet2. As a contrast, the accelerations of jet3 in the rising and falling phases are constant, implying that the propagation of jet3 is not significantly influenced by extra forces.


Keywords Sun: corona — Sun: activity — Sun: magnetic fields

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