Vol 21, No 1

Time-dependent diffusive interactions between dark matter and dark energy in the context of k-essence cosmology

Abhijit Bandyopadhyay, Anirban Chatterjee


Abstract We investigated the scenario of time-dependent diffusive interaction between dark matter and dark energy and showed that such a model can be accommodated within the observations of luminosity distance-redshift data in Supernova Ia (SN Ia) observations. We obtain constraints on different relevant parameters of this model from the observational data. We consider a homogeneous scalar field φ(t) driven by a k-essence Lagrangian of the form L = V(φ)F(X) with constant potential V(φ) = V , to describe the dynamics of dark energy in this model. Using the temporal behaviour of the FRW scale factor, the equation of state and total energy density of the dark fluid, extracted from the analysis of SN Ia (JLA) data, we have obtained the time-dependence of the k-essence scalar field and also reconstructed the form of the function F(X) in the k-essence Lagrangian.


Keywords Dark Energy — Dark Matter — k-essence

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