Vol 21, No 1

Satellite RFI mitigation on FAST

Yu Wang, Hai-Yan Zhang, Hao Hu, Shi-Jie Huang, Wei-Wei Zhu, Guo-Ping Zhi, Tao Zhang, Zhan-Chun Fan, Li Yang


Abstract As the most sensitive single-dish radio telescope, the Five-hundred Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST) is very susceptive to radio frequency interference (RFI) from active radio services. Moreover, due to the rapid development of space applications and research, satellite interference has become one of the main RFI sources for FAST, particularly at the L band. Therefore, we have developed several measures to mitigate satellite RFI. On the one hand, an antenna with 4.5-meter diameter has been constructed and installed at the FAST site to detect the satellite interference in the frequency band between 1 to 5 GHz. Meanwhile, we have developed a satellite RFI database based on the FAST sky coverage, the observing frequency bands, and known satellite systems. By combining the satellite RFI monitoring antenna and the database, we have established a satellite RFI mitigation system. With this system, we can not only track satellites to collect their characteristics and update the database but also help the observer to program the observing plan by predicting satellite interference. During the practical observation of FAST at the L band, the feasibility of this system to mitigate satellite RFI has been proved. In particular, the system effectively avoids strong satellite interference from entering the main beam of the telescope and causing receiver saturation.


Keywords telescopes: FAST — satellite radio frequency interference — mitigation

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