Vol 20, No 9

A cold and diffuse giant molecular filament in the region of l=41º, b=-1º

Liang-Hao Lin, Hong-Chi Wang, Yang Su, Chong Li, Ji Yang


Abstract Data of 12CO/13CO/C18O J = 1 → 0 emission toward the Galactic plane region of l = 35° to 45° and b = −5° to +5° are available with the Milky Way Imaging Scroll Painting (MWISP) project. Using the data, we found a giant molecular filament (GMF) around l ≈ 38° ∼ 42°, b ≈ −3.5° ∼ 0°, VLSR ≈ 27 ∼ 40 km s-1, named the GMF MWISP G041–01. At a distance of 1.7 kpc, the GMF is about 160 pc long. With a median excitation temperature about 7.5K and a median column density about 1021 cm-2, this GMF is very cold and very diffuse compared to known GMFs. Using the morphology in the data cube, the GMF is divided into four components among which three show filamentary structure. Masses of the components are 103 ∼ 104M⊙, with a total mass for the whole filament being about 7 × 104 M⊙ from the local thermodynamic equilibrium method. 13CO cores inside each component are searched. Virial parameters are about 2.5 for these cores and have a power-law index of –0.34 against the mass. The mass fraction of dense cores traced by 13CO to the diffuse clouds traced by 12CO is about 7% for all components of the GMF. We found signatures of possible large scale filament-filament collision in the GMF.


Keywords ISM: molecules— ISM: clouds— ISM: individual (GMF MWISP G041–01)— ISM: kinematics and dynamics

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