Vol 20, No 9

Astronomical Site Monitoring System at Lijiang Observatory

Yu-Xin Xin, Jin-Ming Bai, Bao-Li Lun, Yu-Feng Fan, Chuan-Jun Wang, Xiao-Wei Liu, Xiao-Guang Yu, Kai Ye, Teng-Fei Song, Liang Chang, Shou-Sheng He, Ji-Rong Mao, Liang Xu, Ding-Rong Xiong, Xi-Liang Zhang, Jian-Guo Wang, Xu Ding, Hai-Cheng Feng, Xiang-Kun Liu, Yang Huang, Bing-Qiu Chen


Abstract We installed two sets of Astronomical Site Monitoring System(ASMS) at Lijiang Observatory(GMG), for the running of the 2.4-meter Lijiang optical telescope(LJT) and the 1.6-meter Multi-channel Photometric Survey Telescope (Mephisto). The Mephistro is under construction. ASMS has been running on robotic mode since 2017. The core instruments: Cloud Sensor, All-Sky Camera and Autonomous-DIMM that are developed by our group, together with the commercial Meteorological Station and Sky Quality Meter, are combined into the astronomical optical site monitoring system. The new Cloud Sensor's Cloud-Clear Relationship is presented for the first time, which is used to calculate the All-Sky cloud cover. We designed the Autonomous-DIMM located on a tower, with the same height as LJT. The seeing data have been observed for a full year. ASMS's data for the year 2019 are also analysed in detail, which are valuable to observers.


Keywords Astronomical Site Monitoring System — Lijiang Observatory — Cloud Sensor — Autonomous-DIMM

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