Vol 20, No 9

Multi-wavelength study of energetic processes during solar flare occurrence

Shirsh Lata Soni, Manohar Lal Yadav, Radhe Shyam Gupta, Adya Prasad Mishra


Abstract This paper is an attempt to understand the physical processes occurring in different layers of the solar atmosphere during a solar flare. For a complete understanding of the flare, we must analyze multiwavelength datasets, as emission at different wavelengths originates from different layers in the solar atmosphere. Also, flares are transient and localized events observed to occur at all longitudes. With these considerations, we have carried out multi-wavelength analysis of two representative flare events. One event occurred close to the center of the solar disk and other occurred close to the limb. In the former case, we examine emission from the lower layers of the solar atmosphere. Therefore the chromosphere, transition region and also photospheric magnetogram can be analyzed. On the other hand, in the near-limb event, coronal features can be clearly examined. In this paper, the first event studied is the M1.1 class flare from the active region NOAA 10649 located at S10E14 and the second event is the M1.4 class flare from the active region 10713 located at S12W90. In both cases, we have acquired excellent multi-wavelength data sets. The observations from multi-instrumental data clearly demonstrate that flares occur in the vicinity of sunspots. These are regions of strong magnetic field with mixed polarity.


Keywords sun— solar flare— activity

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