Vol 20, No 8

Energy correction based on fluorescence attenuation of DAMPE

Li-Bo Wu, Yun-Long Zhang, Zhi-Yong Zhang, Yi-Feng Wei, Si-Cheng Wen, Hao-Ting Dai, Cheng-Ming Liu, Xiao-Lian Wang, Zi-Zong Xu, Guang-Shun Huang


Abstract The major scientific goals of the DArk Matter Particle Explorer (DAMPE) are to study cosmic-ray electrons (including positrons) and gamma rays from 5 GeV to 10 TeV and nuclei from Z = 1 to 26 up to 100 TeV. The deposited energy measured by the Bismuth Germanate Oxide (BGO) calorimeter of DAMPE is affected by fluorescence attenuation in BGO crystals that are 600 mm long. In this work, an in-orbit attenuation calibration method is reported, and energy correction of the sensitive detector unit of the BGO calorimeter is also presented.


Keywords DAMPE — BGO calorimeter — fluorescence attenuation — dark matter

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