Vol 20, No 8

Neutrino spin-flavor oscillations in solar environment

Sandeep Joshi, Sudhir R. Jain


Abstract We study the phenomenon of neutrino spin-flavor oscillations due to solar magnetic fields. This allows us to examine how significantly the electron neutrinos produced in the solar interior undergo a resonant spin-flavor conversion. We construct analytical models for the solar magnetic field in all the three regions of the Sun. Neutrino spin-flavor oscillations in this magnetic field are examined by studying the level crossing phenomenon and comparing the two cases of zero and non-zero vacuum mixing respectively. Results from the Borexino experiment are used to place an upper limit on the magnetic field in the solar core. Related phenomena such as effects of matter on neutrino spin transitions and differences between Dirac and Majorana transitions in the solar magnetic fields are also discussed.


Keywords neutrinos: neutrino spin-flavor oscillations — Sun: magnetic fields

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