Vol 20, No 7

Automatic removal of false image stars in disk-resolved images of the Cassini Imaging Science Subsystem

Qing-Feng Zhang, Zhi-Cong Lu, Xiao-Mei Zhou, Yang Zheng, Zhan Li, Qing-Yu Peng, Shun Long, Wei-Heng Zhu


Abstract Taking a large number of images, the Cassini Imaging Science Subsystem (ISS) has been routinely used in astrometry. In ISS images, disk-resolved objects often lead to false detection of stars that disturb the camera pointing correction. The aim of this study was to develop an automated processing method to remove the false image stars in disk-resolved objects in ISS images. The method included the following steps: extracting edges, segmenting boundary arcs, fitting circles and excluding false image stars. The proposed method was tested using 200 ISS images. Preliminary experimental results show that it can remove the false image stars in more than 95% of ISS images with disk-resolved objects in a fully automatic manner, i.e., outperforming the traditional circle detection based on Circular Hough Transform (CHT) by 17%. In addition, its speed is more than twice as fast as that of the CHT method. It is also more robust (no manual parameter tuning is needed) when compared with CHT. The proposed method was also applied to a set of ISS images of Rhea to eliminate the mismatch in pointing correction in automatic procedure. Experiment results showed that the precision of final astrometry results can be improve by roughly 2 times that of automatic procedure without the method. It proved that the proposed method is helpful in the astrometry of ISS images in a fully automatic manner.


Keywords methods: data analysis — techniques: image processing — techniques: telescopes — stars: imaging

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