Vol 20, No 7

New CCD photometric investigation of high amplitude δ Scuti star V2455 Cyg

Ghasem Forozani, Setareh Ostadnezhad, Mohammad Ghanaatian


Abstract New V -band CCD observations of variable star V2455 Cyg were performed during two nights in September 2017. According to all times of maximum light and new maxima, the O−C curve was analyzed. The period changes of V2455 Cyg were investigated and the rate of increasing period was obtained to be (1/P) dP/dt = 1.99 × 10−7 yr−1. Frequency analysis indicated that V2455 Cyg pulsates with the radial p mode and the fundamental frequency is 10.61574 d−1. Physical parameters of V2455 Cyg at mean temperature were determined (e.g., R = 2.52 R⊙ and M = 1.92 M⊙). The position of this star in the H-R diagram confirms that V2455 Cyg is a high amplitude δ Scuti star.


Keywords : techniques: photometric — stars: variables: δ Scuti — stars: individual (V2455 Cyg)

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