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Site testing campaign for the Large Optical/infrared Telescope of China: general introduction of the Daocheng site

Teng-Fei Song, Yu Liu, Xue-Fei Zhang, JIng-Xing Wang, Shun-Qing Liu, Ming-Yu Zhao, Xiao-Bo Li, Zhan-Chuan Cai, Qi-Wu Song, Zi-Huang Cao, Yu Ruan


Abstract The Daocheng site is one of the three candidate sites for the Large Optical/infrared Telescope (LOT) of China. It was discovered by Yunnan Observatories during the survey of potential sites for the next-generation large-aperture solar telescopes of China. This paper describes the overview of the site, the observation platform and the monitor instrument. In addition, simple statistical results are presented (from November, 2016 up to December, 2017). Detailed data results can refer to the overview of LOT site testing and data analysis articles, which were published during the same period.


Keywords site testing — LOT — Daocheng site — observation platform

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