Vol 20, No 6

Identification of temperature anomaly RR Lyrae stars in LAMOST survey, misclassification and binarities

Lin-Jia Li, Sheng-Bang Qian, Jia Zhang, Jia-Jia He, Li-Ying Zhu


Abstract RR Lyrae stars, a well-known type of pulsating variable stars, have been known about for more than a century. A large amount of photometric data on RR Lyrae stars has been accumulated by space- and ground-based sky surveys, but the spectral data are relatively poor. Fortunately, the LAMOST sky survey project provides an opportunity to view them from the point of view of spectra. We collect the atmospheric parameters of 1685 RR Lyrae stars provided by the LAMOST catalog, and carry out research by using the reliable Teff. We find that there is a clear correlation between their Teff and pulsation periods, which is consistent with the pulsation and evolution theories of RR Lyrae stars. In addition, we focus on those RR Lyrae stars with abnormal temperatures. After analyzing the data from several photometric surveys, we find that some of these temperature anomalies are misclassified variable stars (e.g., eclipsing binaries, pulsating stars on main sequence), and some are RR Lyrae binary candidates. For the latter, the temperatures of potential companions should be lower and their luminosities should not be neglected (e.g., red giant stars). We obtain that the ratio of temperature anomaly stars to all the sample stars is 4%, which means that the impact on the further analysis (e.g., kinematics analysis) is low. We also present the catalogs of spectral anomaly RR Lyrae stars.


Keywords techniques: spectroscopic — techniques: photometric — stars: fundamental parameters — stars: variables : RR Lyrae

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