Special Issue for FAST

Research on key technologies for installation and maintenance of reflector of FAST

Li-Qiang Song, Peng Jiang, Qi-Ming Wang, Lei Yang


Abstract The reflector of the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST) consists of 4450 reflector units. Installation of the reflector faces the challenges of large span, complex terrain, serious interference, complex processes, high position and inability to use conventional equipment. The installation technology for the flexible reflector with a large span was specially studied and designed. Two half-span arc-moving cable cranes and two transfer trucks were jointly operated along a path that follows a circular beam. After installation of the reflector was completed, two half-span cable cranes were merged into a set of full-span cable cranes for maintenance of the reflector. Installation of the reflector combines features of unit and site topography of FAST. The installation technology follows scientific and reasonable practices, and is highly efficient and convenient. It represents a breakthrough in many key technologies in construction and maintenance techniques. It has promoted related technical progress in the construction and maintenance of complex projects. It has also provided an important reference for the construction and maintenance of similar projects, and has strong significance and applicability.


Keywords FAST — Reflector — Installation — Maintenance — Cable crane

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