Special Issue for FAST

The time and frequency standard system for FAST receivers

Kai Zhu, Jin Fan, Kun Liang, Wei Tang, Zhi-Sheng Gao, Yan Zhu, Yi Feng, Wei-Wei Zhu, Lei Qian, You-Ling Yue, Jin-You Song, Xiang-Wei Shi, Xing-Yi Wang, Ming-Lei Guo, Hang Zhang, Heng-Qian Gan, Hong-Fei Liu, Cheng-Jin Jin, Peng Jiang


Abstract This paper reports on the time and frequency standard system for the Five-hundred meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST), including the system design, stability measurements and pulsar timing observations. The stability and drift rate of the frequency standard are calculated using 1-year monitoring data. The UTC-NIM Disciplined Oscillator (NIMDO) system improves the system time accuracy and stability to the level of 5 ns. Pulsar timing observations were carried out for several months. The weighted RMS of timing residuals reaches the level of less than 3.0 µs.


Keywords FAST: radio telescope — time frequency standard — NIMDO:UTC-NIM

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