Vol 20, No 4

Simultaneous photometric and spectral analysis of a new outburst of V1686 Cyg

Hasmik Andreasyan, Tigran Magakian, Tigran Movsessian


Abstract We present an analysis of the optical observations of Herbig Ae/Be (HAeBe) star V1686 Cyg, which is associated with a small isolated star-forming region around HAeBe star BD+40° 4124. We observed this star as a part of our project investigating young eruptive stars. Observations were conducted on the 2.6-m telescope of Byurakan Observatory from 2015 to 2017. In this period, we obtained direct images of V1686 Cyg and 14 medium- and low-resolution spectra. In the course of observations, we noticed that this star underwent an atypical brightness outburst. After data reduction, we found that the full rise and decline in the brightness of V1686 Cyg had an amplitude of almost 3 magnitudes and lasted about 3 months. We were also able to track changes in the stellar spectrum during the outburst, which are correlated with the photometric variations.


Keywords stars: pre-main sequence — stars: variables: T Tauri, Herbig Ae/Be — stars: individual: (V1686 Cyg)

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