Vol 20, No 3

First Time-Resolved CCD Photometry and Time-series Analysis of NSV 13601

Virabhadrasinh A. Gohil, Sachchidanand Prakash Bhatnagar


Abstract We present the first results of a time-resolved CCD photometric and time-series analysis of NSV 13601, a variable star in the constellation Pegasus. The 14′′ Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope of Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University (MKBU) was used for observations. Analysis was performed both in VStar and Period04 software, and their results were compared. The main results are as follows: From data analysis, its has period ∼77.784 d (MKBU data V) (VStar), ∼77.632 d (MKBU data Ic) (VStar), ∼77.058 d (MKBU data V) (Period04) and ∼49.560 d (MKBU data Ic) (Period04). Its V and I mean magnitudes for MKBU data are 12.203 (V) and 11.292 (I) mag respectively. We confirm it to be a variable star.


Keywords Stars: individual: NSV 13601 — stars: oscillations — techniques: photometric

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