Vol 20, No 2

The kinematical and space structures of IC 2391 open cluster and moving group with Gaia-DR2

E. S. Postnikova, W. H. Elsanhoury, Devesh P. Sariya, N. V. Chupina, S. V. Vereshchagin, Ing-Guey Jiang


Abstract The kinematical parameters, spatial shape and structure of the open cluster IC 2391 and the associated stellar stream are studied here using Gaia Data Release 2 (GDR2) astrometry data. The apex positions are determined for the open cluster IC 2391 (data taken from Cantat-Gaudin et al.) and for the kinematical stream’s stars mentioned in Montes et al. employing both convergent point and AD-diagram methods. The values of apex coordinates are: (A, D) CP = (6h.17 ± 0h.004, −6°. 88 ± 0°.381; for cluster) and (6h.07 ± 0h.007, −5°.00 ± 0°.447; stream), and (A0, D0) = (6h.12 ± 0h.004, −3°.4 ± 0°.3; cluster) and (6h.21 ± 0h.007, −11°.895 ± 0°.290; stream). The results are in good agreement with the previously calculated values. The positions of the stars in the disk and the spatial dispersion velocities are determined. The paths of cluster and associated stream are traced in the disk by orbit calculation back in time to their places of formation. A possible genetic relationship between the cluster and stream has been detected. The approximation of the spatial and kinematical shape of the stream and the cluster is made. According to this study, even though currently the cluster and stream seem to have a spatial difference in their locations, they appear to have formed in the same region of the Galactic disk.


Keywords Stars: kinematics and dynamics — Galaxy: stellar content — (Galaxy:) open clusters and associations: individual: IC 2391

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