Vol 20, No 12

BV (RI)c photometric study of three variable PMS stars in the field of V733 Cephei

Sunay Ibryamov, Evgeni Semkov, Stoyanka Peneva, Kristina Gocheva


Abstract This paper reports results from the first long-term BV (RI) c photometric CCD observations of three variable pre-main-sequence stars collected during the period from February 2007 to January 2020. The investigated stars are located in the field of the PMS star V733 Cep within the Cepheus OB3 association. All stars from our study show rapid photometric variability in all-optical passbands. In this paper, we describe and discuss the photometric behavior of these stars and the possible reasons for their variability. In the light variation of two of the stars, we found periodicity.


Keywords stars: pre-main sequence — stars: variables: T Tauri, Herbig Ae/Be — techniques: photometric — methods: observational, data analysis — stars: individual (2MASS J22534654+6234582, 2M ASS J22533629+6231446, 2MASS J22531578+6235262)

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