Vol 20, No 12

A method to obtain the wind field characteristics of super-large aperture radio telescope site based on single-point wind tower and numerical simulation

Fei-Long He, Qian Xu, Na Wang, Chun-Hua Zhu


Abstract The influence of wind on the pointing accuracy of large aperture radio telescopes is becoming increasingly serious, especially at high observing frequency. Obtaining the wind field characteristics efficiently is very important to reduce the wind disturbance on antenna structure. In this paper, an error evaluation of numerical simulation method is established based on the measured data of single point wind tower, and the wind field characteristics are obtained from the evaluated numerical simulation results combined with the measured data for the 110 m aperture QiTai radio Telescope (QTT) site. According to the simulation results, compared with the measured data, the root mean square error (RMSE) of wind speed is less than 1 m s−1, and the minimum wind speed RMSE is 0.2 m s−1. An analysis of the wind field characteristics of the QTT site suggests that the active wind resistance design of the antenna periphery should focus on the SSW (south-south-west) direction.


Keywords telescopes — site testing — methods: data analysis

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