Vol 20, No 12

The wide-field photometric system of the Nanshan One-meter Telescope

Chun-Hai Bai, Guo-Jie Feng, Xuan Zhang, Hu-Biao Niu, Abdusamatjan Iskandar, 1. Xinjiang Astronomical Observatories, Pu, Shu-Guo Ma, Jin-Zhong Liu, Xiao-Jun Jiang, Lu Ma, Ali Esamdin, Na Wang


Abstract The Nanshan One-meter Wide-field Telescope is a prime focus system that is located at Nanshan Station of Xinjiang Astronomical Observatories. The field of view was designed to 1.5° × 1.5°, and the Johnson-Cousins U BV RI system was chosen as the main filter set. The telescope has been providing observation services for astronomers since September 2013. Variable source searching and time-domain surveys are the main scientific goals. The system’s test results are reported including linearity, dark current, bias, readout noise and gain of the CCD camera. The accurate instrumental calibration coefficients in U BV RI bands were driven with Landolt standard stars during photometric nights. Finally, the limiting magnitudes are given with signal-to-noise ratios and various exposure times for observers.


Keywords telescope — filter — CCD photometry

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