Vol 20, No 11

Carbon star CGCS 673 identified as a semi-regular variable star

Stephen M. Brincat, Charles Galdies, Kevin Hills


Abstract This study reports that the carbon star CGCS 673 is a semi-regular (SR) variable star with a period of 135 d and an amplitude of 0.18 mag in the V-band. The light curve obtained by this study correlates well with the SR classification as the photometric data obtained show noticeable periodicity in the light changes of CGCS 673 that is occasionally interrupted by a period of irregular variability. The derived period and colour index obtained from our data and those from professional databases indicate that the attributes of this star fall within the parameters of the SR class of variable stars. Following our notification of the discovery that this star is a variable source, CGCS 673 has received the AAVSO Unique Identifier of (AAVSO UID) 000-BMZ-492.


Keywords techniques: photometric — stars: variables: semi-regular variable — stars: individual: CGCS 673

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