Vol 20, No 11

On the correctness of orbital solutions obtained from a small set of points. Orbit of HIP 53731

Arina Mitrofanova, Vladimir Dyachenko, Anatoly Beskakotov, Yury Balega, Alexander Maksimov, Denis Rastegaev, Sergey Komarinsky


Abstract HIP 53731 is a binary consisting of stars of the spectral types K0 and K9. The orbit of this object was constructed previously by Cvetković et al. and improved by Tokovinin. It should be noted that there is a 180° ambiguity in the position angles of some published measurements. Speckle interferometric observations were obtained in 2007–2020 (21 measurements) at the 6-m telescope of the SAO RAS (BTA) by the authors of this article. The analysis of new data together with previously published ones made it possible to construct an accurate orbit of HIP 53731 and to halve the already known values of the orbital period of the system. As a result of the study, the mass sum, the masses of each component and their spectral types were determined by two independent methods. According to the qualitative classification of orbits, the orbital solution has grade 2 – “good” (observations cover more than half of the orbital period and correspond to different phases).


Keywords techniques: high angular resolution, speckle interferometry — stars: low-mass, fundamental parameters — stars: binaries: spectroscopic — stars: individual: HIP 53731

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