Special issue for RAA 20th Anniversary

A tale of planet formation: from dust to planets

Beibei Liu, Jianghui Ji


Abstract The characterization of exoplanets and their birth protoplanetary disks has enormously advanced in the last decade. Benefitting from that, our global understanding of the planet formation processes has been substantially improved. In this review, we first summarize the cutting-edge states of the exoplanet and disk observations. We further present a comprehensive panoptic view of modern core accretion planet formation scenarios, including dust growth and radial drift, planetesimal formation by the streaming instability, core growth by planetesimal accretion and pebble accretion. We discuss the key concepts and physical processes in each growth stage and elaborate on the connections between theoretical studies and observational revelations. Finally, we point out the critical questions and future directions of planet formation studies.


Keywords planets and satellites: general — planets and satellites: formation — planets and satellites: dynamical evolution and stability — protoplanetary disks

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