Vol 19, No 9

How does a strong surrounding magnetic field influence the evolution of a supernova remnant?

Dan Wu, Meng-Fei Zhang


Abstract We simulate the evolution of supernova remnants (SNRs) in a strong magnetic field. Usually, supernovae explode in a normal interstellar medium with magnetic field of no more than 50 μG, which has been well studied. However, the surrounding magnetic field will be much stronger in some situations, such as in a galactic center. Therefore, we try to explore these situations. The simulations show that a strong magnetic field of 1 mG will align the motion of ejecta in a way similar to a jet. The ejecta propagating perpendicularly to the magnetic field will be reflected and generate a strong reverse shock. When the reverse shock converges in the explosion center, it will more or less flow along the central magnetic field. Finally, most of the ejecta will propagate parallel to the magnetic field.


Keywords ISM: supernova remnants — ISM: magnetic fields — magnetohydrodynamics

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