Vol 19, No 9

DmpIRFs and DmpST: DAMPE instrument response functions and science tools for gamma-ray data analysis

Kai-Kai Duan, Wei Jiang, Yun-Feng Liang, Zhao-Qiang Shen, Zun-Lei Xu, Yi-Zhong Fan, Fabio Gargano, Simone Garrappa, Dong-Ya Guo, Shi-Jun Lei, Xiang Li, Mario Nicola Mazziotta, Maria Fernanda Munoz Salinas, Meng Su, Valerio Vagelli, Qiang Yuan, Chuan Yue, Stephan Zimmer


Abstract Observing GeV gamma-rays is an important goal of the DArk Matter Particle Explorer (DAMPE) for indirect dark matter searching and high energy astrophysics. In this work, we present a set of accurate instrument response functions for DAMPE (DmpIRFs) including the effective area, point-spread function and energy dispersion, which are crucial for gamma-ray data analysis based on statistics from simulation data. A dedicated software named DmpST is developed to facilitate the scientific analyses of DAMPE gamma-ray data. Considering the limited number of photons and angular resolution of DAMPE, the maximum likelihood method is adopted in DmpST to better disentangle different source components. The basic mathematics and framework regarding this software are also introduced in this paper.


Keywords gamma rays: general — instrumentation: detectors — methods: statistical

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