Vol 19, No 8

EPIC 202843107: a close eclipsing binary containing a δ Scuti variable

Jian-Wen Ou, Ming Yang, Ji-Lin Zhou


Abstract This paper reports on the discovery that an eclipsing binary system, EPIC 202843107, has a δ Scuti variable component. The phased light curve from the Kepler space telescope presents a detached configuration. The binary modeling indicates that the two component stars have almost the same radius and may have experienced orbital circularization. Frequency analyses are performed for the residual light curve after subtracting the binary variations. The frequency spectrum reveals that one component star is a δ Scuti variable. A large frequency separation is cross-identified with the corresponding histogram, the Fourier transform and the echelle diagram method. The mean density of the δ Scuti component is estimated to be 0.09 g cm−3 based on the large separation and density relation. Systems like EPIC 202843107 are helpful to study the stellar evolution and physical state of binary stars.


Keywords binaries: eclipsing-stars: individual: EPIC 202843107 — stars: variables: δ Scuti — stars: oscillations

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