Vol 19, No 7

Coherent structures and spectral shapes of kinetic Alfv´en wave turbulence in solar wind at 1 AU

Hemam Dinesh Singh, Bheem Singh Jatav


Abstract This paper presents the generation of kinetic Alfvén wave (KAW) coherent structures of magnetic filaments applicable to solar wind at 1AU, when the background plasma density is modified by parallel ponderomotive force and Joule heating. The inhomogeneity in the magnetic field, which was included as a perturbation in the transverse direction of the magnetic field, takes energy from the main pump KAWs and generates the filamentary structures.When the intensity is high enough, the filaments are broken down and the energy initially confined to low wavenumbers is redistributed to higher wavenumbers, leading to cascades of energy at small scales less than the ion acoustic gyroradius or comparable to electron gyroradius. The magnetic field spectral profile is generated from the numerical simulation results, and its dependence on different directions of the wavevector and initial conditions of the simulation representing the transverse magnetic field inhomogeneity is studied. The relevance of these results with other spacecraft observations and measurements is also pointed out.


Keywords plasmas— turbulence— waves—solar wind

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