Vol 19, No 7

Multi-wavelength observations of the 2014 June 11 M3.9 flare: temporal and spatial characteristics

Damian J. Christian, David Kuridze, David B. Jess, Menoa Yousefi, Mihalis Mathioudakis


Abstract We present multi-wavelength observations of an M-class flare (M3.9) that occurred on 2014 June 11. Our observations were conducted with the Dunn Solar Telescope (DST), employing adaptive optics, the multi-camera system Rapid Oscillations in Solar Atmosphere (ROSA), the new Hydrogen-Alpha Rapid Dynamics camera (HARDcam) in various wavelengths, such as Ca II K, Mg I b2 (at 5172.7 Å), and Hαnarrow band and G-band continuum filters. Images were re-constructed using the Kiepenheuer-Institut Speckle Interferometry Package (KISIP) code, to improve our image resolution. We observed intensity increases of ≈120%–150% in the Mg, Ca K and H_ narrow band filters during the flare. Intensity increases for the flare observed in the SDO EUV channels were several times larger, and the X-rays, as recorded by GOES, increased over a factor of 30 for the harder band. Only a modest delay was found between the onset of flare ribbons of a nearby sympathetic flare and the main flare ribbons observed in these narrow band filters. The peak flare emission occurred within a few seconds for the Ca K, Mg and Hαbands. Time distance techniques indicate propagation velocities of ≈60 km s−1for the main flare ribbon and as high as 300 km s−1for smaller regions, which we attribute to filament eruptions. This result and delays and velocities observed with SDO (≈100 kms−1) for different coronal heights agree well with the simple model of energy propagation versus height, although a more detailed model for the flaring solar atmosphere is needed. Finally, we detected marginal quasi-periodic pulsations (QPPs) in the 40–60 s range for the Ca K, Mg and Hαbands, and such measurements are important for disentangling the detailed flare-physics.


Keywords magnetic reconnection—Sun: flares— Sun: atmosphere

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