Vol 19, No 7

Flux density measurements for 32 pulsars in the 20 cm observing band

Yan-Wei Xie, Jing-Bo Wang, George Hobbs, Jane Kaczmarek, Di Li, Jie Zhang, Shi Dai, Andrew Aameron, Lei Zhang, Chen-Chen Miao, Mao Yuan, Shen Wang, Song-Bo Zhang, Heng Xu, Ren-Xin Xu


Abstract Flux densities are fundamental observational parameters that describe a pulsar. In the current pulsar catalogue, 27% of the listed radio pulsars have no flux density measurement in the 20 cm observing band. Here, we present the first such measurements for 32 pulsars observed employing the Parkes radio telescope. We have used both archival and new observations to make these measurements. Various schemes exist for measuring flux densities and we show how the measured flux densities vary between these methods and how the presence of radio-frequency interference will bias the flux density measurements.


Keywords methods: data analysis— pulsars: general

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