Vol 19, No 6

Strange quark star in dilaton gravity

Alireza Peivand, Kazem Naficy, Gholam Bordbar


Abstract In this work, we first obtain the hydrostatic equilibrium equation in dilaton gravity. Then, we examined some of the structural characteristics of a strange quark star in dilaton gravity in the context of Einstein gravity. We show that the variations of dilaton parameter do not affect the maximum mass, but variations in the cosmological constant lead to changes in the structural characteristics of the quark star. We investigate the stability of strange quark stars by applying the MIT bag model with dilaton gravity. We also provide limiting values for the dilaton field parameter and cosmological constant. We also study the effects of dilaton gravity on the other properties of a quark star such as the mean density and gravitational redshift. We conclude that the last reported value for the cosmological constant does not affect the maximum mass of a strange quark star.


Keywords dense matter — equation of state — gravitation — stars: fundamental parameters (masses, radii)

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