Vol 19, No 6

Insight-HXMT observations of the Crab pulsar

You-Li Tuo, Ming-Yu Ge, Li-Ming Song, Lin-Li Yan, Qing-Cui Bu, Jin-Lu Qu


Abstract We report on X-ray emission properties of the Crab pulsar (PSR J0531+21) using observations by Insight-HXMT during its first year after launch. We obtained high signal-to-noise profiles in the X-ray energy band 11–250 keV. We have confirmed an increase in the flux ratio of the second peak over the main peak with increasing energy, consistent with other missions. The separation of the two peaks shows no significant trend with increasing energy. The phase-averaged spectrum, fitted by a logpar model, and the phase-resolved spectra of the Crab pulsar, fitted by a powerlaw in the different energy bands of HXMT, are consistent with RXTE and NuSTAR in that photon indices evolve as a function of phase as well as a function of energy, contributing to a broadband modeling.


Keywords stars: neutron star — pulsars: individual (Crab) — X-rays: stars

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